SuperClean InstallParty

Welcome one and all to this SuperClean InstallParty. If you are hosting an install party then make sure to adhere to the guidelines in your region.

SuperClean is a SuperCollider implementation of the SuperDirt sampler for use inside of SuperCollider itself. Not only can you play back all of your samples without needless hassle in an environment that can grow with you. SuperClean also contains an FM synth whose four justly tuneable operators deliver unparalleled cleanliness, even at extreme modulation indexes. SuperClean even includes a remarkably efficient additive synth which literally sounds out of this world. SuperClean is, in short, a one-stop-shopping-experience for folks who want:

• An MPC, • a bunch of effects, and • a couple of synths

for the low, low asking price of: Free! Free as in costs nothing but more importantly, free as in breaking out of jail kind of free. Also, on a personal note here, hey, this is what I use to make music with every day. I really like making music and, for me, this makes it way funner. Try it! What have you got to loose?

First of all let’s go ahead and download SuperCollider and the SC3 plugins:

Download SuperCollider

Download Sc3plugins

If for some reason there is some kind of snag regarding that whole downloading stuff from The Public Internet maneuver, raise your hand and I’ll come over with a USB for you. If we are not in the same room, then let me know through email and I’ll sort you out. You can find my address on my index page. Now boot up SuperCollider. Copy this line and paste it into SuperCollider:


Make sure that the text cursor is on that line and the press cmd + Enter. The post window will let you know how the installation is going. It looked like this on my computer:

Installing SuperClean
SuperClean installed
-> Quark: SuperClean[]

Next let’s go to File, Open user support directory. This is a hidden place on your computer. If you ever need to get back here then, now you know how. Grab hold of the folder called sc3plugins and drag it to the Extensions folder. Now open the file superclean_startup.scd and copy that whole mess of text. Go to File, Open startup file, paste into there. Save the file. ReBoot SuperCollider. That should do it!

Let’s try it out by opening examples.scd in SuperCollider. After you see the message ... file reading complete. Required 10 MB of memory. everything is ready for you to run the code by pressing cmd + Enter. At this point you should hear something. If no go, I can come over, or let me know through email and we can work something out that works for you.

Now that everybody is up + running the sky is the limit! We could literally have any sound arrive at any time. Go forth in thrash! Really looking forward to hanging out and getting into SuperClean together. Don’t be a stranger!

Check this project out on github